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CD Reviews  Tommy Womack Circus Town
From the very first track I knew this CD was going to be different, but yet one that you just have to listen all the way to the end. This project is full of talent, there are so many different styles of music.

What I found so astoundishing is that Tommy Womack is not just writing these songs, he also knows what rock and roll is all about and it shows in his music. 

When I first started listening to the 'Circus Town' CD, I thought I had mistakenly place my Tom Petty CD in, I soon discovered that it was Tommy Womack. There are tunes on this CD that has the Tom Petty sound, and then there are some with the Bob Dylan sound, he even has some with a country sound. I really enjoyed this cd!!

There were quite a few musicians that contributed to the 'Circus Town' CD and each is to be commended for their talents and the excellent instrument expertise that they gave to this project. 

Check these tunes out:
** 'Tough' - a southern rock Tom Petty sound.
** 'We Can't do this Anymore' - a country sound with a kick.
** 'My Name is Mud' - a rockin tune.
** 'The Replacements' - this really had the Bob Dylan sound-Tommy Womack style! This song is a real storyteller. Excellent songwriting......
** 'Circus Town' - title tune, country pop beat.

To Purchase 'Tommy Womack' CD's and/or Merchandise visit his website at: http://
CD's also available at: http://

Muzik Reviewz 05/2003
M. Rudy

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