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CD Reviews  Toni Brown  Rabbit Hole Soul

Toni Brown will open every emotion in your heart and soul. Her songs portray pictures of characters in their settings. In every song and every performance what shines through is her LOVE for PEOPLE and HUMANITY.

Toni Brown has the talent to please every fan with the many music styles that she possesses. This artist is not just a musician, but a talented guitar player, vocalist and is an extraordinary songwriter. So when we talk about talent here we are talking a wide variety of talent, with an artist that pours her heart out into her lyrics, the vocals are excellent, and the engineering is very good..

I recommend that you purchase Toni Brown's 'Rabbit Hole Soul' CD, here are some outtakes on the CD:
** 'Shadow' - Toni has taken her songwriting talents and poured her heart and soul into this tune. The instruments, vocals are outstanding.
** 'Way you Talk' - this one caught my attention, I found the music soothing to my soul. And I liked the lyric arrangement.
** 'Blue Morning' - Now this one is absolutely a keeper. I found myself being pulled in with the lead guitar immediately. You get some folk soul with a blues feel, this is an excellent tune. 

When you have a superb songwriter mixed with good vocals and excellent musicians behind you, this is the product of all that talent. But wait, there's more than just one CD - so make sure to check them all out, there's something for everyone!

To Purchase 'Toni Brown's' CD's visit her website at: http://

Muzik Reviewz 05/2003
M. Rudy

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