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CD Reviews  Tucson Simpson Hot Town
From time to time, you will come across a excellent produced and engineered cd. Of course it may not be excellently produced in all areas. Well hold on to your seat, Tucson Simpson's CD 'Hot Town', is so finely produced, you will be blown away with this cd as I was.

Tucson Simpson style is a hot powerful mix of the Delta Blues, Commercial Pop and Southern Rock. Any day of the week you can catch this much desired band Headlining on the club circuit in Memphis-Tennesee. This band is so hot and in demand that I'm not surprised if there isn't a WANTED POSTER down at the local post office.

This group of musicians are definitely on their way to the top, Tucson Simpson has the most versatile musicians I have ran across in awhile. Tucson Simpson is a product of the hottest collection of power electric and acoustic guitars, lyrics that grab your heart and soul and hooks that resembles our own life experiences along with those of the musicians, without the talented musicians there would be no Tucson Simpson. 

'Hot Town' is on a list of radio stations that is as long as your arm, and growing every day. We're talking nationwide radio plays here, and they deserve every second of play time.

Who is Tucson Simpson?? Graham Perry - has the kind of voice that the vocal range goes on forever and ever. His vocals reach into your heart and pulls you in. Songwriter and lead vocals along with other versatile talents.
Kevin Kilgore - Graham and Kevin are two dynamite songwriters/musicians. Kevin is a superb keyboard player that knows his keys. 
Bill Frazier - The drum action is right there and in the pocket, strong and definitely part of the heartbeat of Tucson Simpson.
Steve Hearn - Bass guitar is the other half of the heartbeat for this bunch, I mean he is right there, when it comes to Steve and Bill, they are ONE. Excellent job Steve.
Sam Plumlee - This guitar player was one hot player that jumped in there and pulled it all together. Every lick he played was HOT AND ON FIRE.
After Tucson Simpson lead guitarist Sam Plumlee passed away during the recording of the 'Hot Town' cd, Jeff Miller (Survivor) and Terry Ferguson (Hoehn & Duren) picked up where Sam Plumlee left off, so Jeff and Terry finished some of the most heart-wrenching tracks on Hot town.

I couldn't name my favorites, since the whole cd is my favorite. Do yourself a big favor and purchase this CD, and then let me know which one is your favorite? Betcha can't pick...

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Muzik Reviewz 05/2003
M. Rudy

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