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CD Review  Rhythm Pigs Stone Ground & Southern Fried 
Bands Of Dixie Review

Rhythm Pigs ~ Stone Ground & Southern Fried

Rhythm Pigs Stone Ground & Southern Fried As many bands, Rhythm Pigs is mixing blues music and southern rock, and with this band, the accent is more on the blues aspect.
Just have a look on the set list and you know what I mean : "Tin Pan Alley", "Cold shot", Voodoo child", or even "Stormy Monday" (captured live with Michael B. Smith as a guest). But when you hear their own material, you'd be surprised to hear only southern rock music, and that's the kind of music we would like to hear them, as to me their titles are more interesting such as "Different Shade Of Blues".
They define themselves as a mix between the Allman brothers, ZZ Top and Stevie Ray Vaughan....Which is quite correct and there are, for sure, worst musical references. These three great bands found their own style in the blues music but they have their own way of dealing with it. So, listening a band going from blues to southern rock can be surprising.
I'm almost sure that if they really want it, the Rhythm Pigs can make it big, may be they should give a bigger place to their own material. I'm sure that's the way they'll get the success they sure deserve.



Stone Gound & Southern Fried     2002 - Swine Records

CD Review by Didier Demeslay at Bands of Dixies