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CD Review  Rhythm Pigs Stone Ground & Southern Fried

Rhythm Pigs ~ Stone Ground & Southern Fried


Being a big fan of SRV - this cd 'Stone Ground & Southern Fried' by the Rhythm Pigs totally had my attention and at the same time blew me right out of the water. When asked to review this cd by Southbound Beat Magazine's Editor, Ray Carver, he did NOT prepare me for the huge 'Rhythm Pigs Explosion'.

If you are a lover of blues/southern rock then you will love this cd. The HOT musicianship on this cd will absolutely grab your heart and soul and take off running with it. You will not be able to put this one down and it certainly will not have time to collect dust.

These musicians are just TOO TOO HOT. Lets get down to the A1 outstanding musicianship on this cd. The Lead Guitar is strong and out there (where it should be), I could hear every note dripping wet with sweat, Mike Hayman knows how to push his instrument until he gets what he wants and then takes the guitar just a little bit further. Fantastic work Mike.....The Rhythm section of the bass and drums are spectacular and dyn-o-mite. Bassman Glenn Foster is solid, in the pocket, clean-crisp-clear notes. The stixman of this unit, Timmy Fodrey, is sooooo good on those drums, he's got it all going on folks, theres not one thing that Timmy is lacking as a drummer. This is the 'Ultimate Rhythm Section of All Time'......Last but not least, the vocals that just sends chills up and down your spine, repeatedly and this HOT HOT vocalman is Paul Patten, his strong vocals reach deep into your soul. Patten has the SRV songs sounding like SRV himself. I was totally astounded by the vocal talents of Paul Patten......on the 'Stone Ground & Southern Fried' cd - track #7 is my all time favorite 'Stormy Monday' that Michael Buffalo Smith totally nails it, this song will rip your heart with the Buffalo's vocals, the musicianship is so awesome.....This group is destined for the big times and I for one will be there to cheer them on and to say 'The Rhythm Pigs are BIG, HOT & JUST WHAT WE NEED ON THE MUSIC SCENE!!

Make sure to get your own 'Stone Ground & Southern Fried' cd at the Rhythm Pigs website at: http://

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