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CD Review  The Graveyard Boogie Band Resurrection

The Graveyard Boogie Band ~Resurrection

By Guilherme Vignini (


It’s very weird to talk about The Graveyard Boogie Band. You can’t call the The Rev. Sam E. Tarry (guitar, slide, and vocals)  band of “new band”, cause he is playing since the 60’s. But this is your first CD so… the way, The Graveyard Boogie Band have one of the best stories that I ever saw. You can check a great interview in the Interviews page.

The album is wonderful; Terry’s voice makes me remember Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top. Songs like “Bring Back Southern Rock’n Roll” or “Boogie Man” are new classics. They were hits in the MP3.COM website (R.I.P. !!!). It’s the traditional Southern Rock with power and fury.

 All the musicians, Robbin Graves (guitar), Mose A. Leeam (guitar), M.T. Graves (bass),  and Cass Kett (drums) are great. They do a very powerful Southern Rock with dueling guitars, a lot of slide and heavy riffs.

 I can choose some great moments like “Bring Back Southern Rock and Roll”, “Boogie Man”, “Make Love to You Tonite” or “Can’t Remember”, but very single song on the CD are hot.  

In the Southern Rock Church, the Reverend Sam E. Tarry is the loudest voice of the Gods of Rock’n Roll. Long Live to Graveyard Boogie Band.

Their new web site is:


Review by Guilherme Vignini