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SBM Issue 5 Letter From The Publisher  
Hello All,
We have been getting a lot of emails and telephone calls from all of you who sent in your CD's for a CD review or interview. Thank you all for responding to my request at CD Baby as well as other places.  Unfortunately we were bombarded with an over whelming response. We got over 100 packages in just a 3 week period.
We are a quarterly issue not a monthly. The next issue is March 15th, 2004 and then the next one is June 15th, 2004, then September 15th, 2004,, then December 15th, 2004. I will do my best to let you know when your CD review is published.
We do have some guidelines and policies some people are questioning;
  1. We ask for 3 CD's because we try and get more than 1 CD review and a possible interview. If you only send 1 CD then you will  just get 1 CD review and no interview unless the same reviewer does the interview. So you can send 1 CD or 1 video if you would like to. I give the CD to the reviewer's for keeps. We are spread around the world so asking for it back is something I will not do.
  2.  Our review policy is that if we do not like your music we will not even review it. Also if the negative remarks of a reviewer out weighs the positive we will not publish it.
  3.  If we do not review your CD's or your video's. To get them back you need to send in a envelope with the right amount of postage on it to get it returned. But if I sent 1 to a reviewer in lets say New York or even Canada I will not be able to return it to you unless the reviewer agrees to and I pay for it.
Any more questions please email me. I do take telephone calls but I would rather get a email. Always tell me what band or artist you are with in your email please.
Ray Carver
Southbound Beat Magazine!