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                                                         The Graveyard Boogie Band..."The Boogie Man"

Graveyard Boogie Band (aka: GBB) - The Boogie Man CD will soothe all your cravings for that good ole Southern Rock music, GBB knows their music and feels their Southern Rock music to the core of their being which shows were their roots lay, GBB plays it with such intensity that you find yourself being pulled into the music. Every song on this CD is hot, laced with licks drippin' wet from the lead guitar and a rhythm section that just keeps on doing what they do best, 'keeping the heart beatin' in the songs'...........
I found that GBB has more than one music style on this CD .... although mostly Southern Rock, you will find some bluesy tunes and even a jazzy number. For those of you that can't get enough blues then you need to listen to these 4 songs on the cd:

'This Ole World' - this one comes with a WARNING: this song will suck you in and tug on the heart and soul. The walking of the bass will send shivers down your spine and the lead guitar is absolutely heartfelt and reaches in to your soul.

'Snake in the Road' (Part I & II) - in my opinion the Part I version of this song falls in the category of the cajun blues, and then Part II brings it back to a bluesy Southern Rocker - cajun style.....

'No Contest' - good title since there is no contest with the GBB out there. That lead guitar is out there strong, and you can feel every lick. I would imagine that on this one the strings had a serious meltdown.

'Good Ole THC' - A good bluesy mix here combined with a good swift kick of Southern Rock.......A hot mover.

And for a jazzy Southern Rock kicker try 'Whats Goin' On',,, the bass is right on - out there and in the pocket, bassist is definitely rollin' it out on this one, nothing left unsaid with this "one of a kind" bass player. Excellent job!!!

Muzic Review by M. Rudy for Southbound Beat Magazine

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