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Video Review Alligator Stew Blood Money

     Alligator Stew 
Video Song Review: Blood Money
Alligator Stew leaves no illusion of who they are or where they come from. Its all right there in the music. 'Blood Money' has an inner intensity that is one of those songs that grabs your attention and keeps it throughout. Alligator Stew has definitely proved themselves in this song, from the raspy-sultry-strong and excellent vocals to the right on-in the pocket instruments to the professionalism of 'Alligator Stew'.

These musicians work hard at putting out the Best of Alligator Stew music and their stage presence is an awesome vision. You will find 'Blood Money' on their Alligator Stew CD which carries some of the finest musicians found: 
** Gary Jeffries - has that voice that is totally endless......just goes on forever. And Gary is excellent  when it comes to the lead guitar parts and blowin a mean harp.
** Johnny Andrews - is the lap steel/slide/guitar and let me tell you when he starts playin' he will put every part of you on edge.
** The Rhythm section of Alligator Stew is TC Markle's drums and Doug Richardson's Bass - between the two of them they will kick out those beats with a low down - in the pocket & dirty groove.
And then there is the hot keyboards from Chris Turbis!

Blood Money' is supported by the professional talents in this band and lets not forget the superior & heartfelt songwriting that flows from this group of musicians. This bunch will send shivers up and down your spine, with the down and dirty sounds, these guys deserve all the listening they can get, watch out tho they'll grab ya' hard......

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