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  BB Chung King and the Buddaheads  

LIVE At the Orange County Blues Bash

  As if eleven hours of top notch blues, including a stunning performance by Greg Serrato and his band wasn’t enough, the patrons at Chaser’s Lounge in Orange, California were then treated to the incredible BB Chung King and the Buddaheads, one of Southern California’s premier blues bands.

  For those not acquainted with BB Chung King, let me first say that he is nothing like B.B. King.  BB Chung King plays with a speed, style and imagination that puts him in the category of Guitarslinger. He can play whatever he wants, however he wants and as fast as he wants, and that’s FAST, folks!  If Jimi Hendrix hadn’t died in the 60s and spent the last thirty-five years playing in Texas Roadhouses, this is what he might sound like.  BB plays the blues with impunity; turning up the frenzy dial to eleven, much like the late Johnny Copeland except faster, faster, faster.  You know that you’re hearing some hot riffs when any song on the set could have been the closer.  BB rivals the immortal Robert Johnson in his ability to make his one guitar sound like two.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Lee Spath  on drums and Boyd Lefan on bass.  Anyone that can keep up with BB deserves mention, and they performed admirably.

  Because this was a blues bash with a large lineup of fine entertainment, BB’s set wasn’t near long enough to properly showcase the BUDDAHEADS’ new album, REAL, featuring BB Chung King.   I hope you check out my review in this month’s SBM.  This is definitely one for any record collection.

  Despite the general pandemonium at Chaser’s, I was able to introduce myself to both Greg Serrato and BB Chung King.  I can tell you that both of these guys are not only superb musicians, they are the kind of people that you’re happy to support in their profession.  Both were friendly, concerned with my comfort and just a pleasure to meet.  Greg was the perfect host to a great party.  As for BB, well, I haven’t met anyone with a personal aura like his—a field of energy, if you will, since I met John Lee Hooker in 1984.  I’ve always said “The nicest people have the blues,” and these two gentlemen and their respective bands are a case in point.

              --Pat Benny


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