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CD Reviews  Buddaheads Real
BB Chung King and the Buddaheads are no strangers to the music world. This trio is like a hot rockin runaway train, rockin' the house and firin' up the crowds rather its an in-person performance or a listener playing their CD's.

BB Chung King takes his material and gives it a kick but the main elements are still there. Energized bass, heartfelt percussion and dynamite axe action! Mix in some Keys, extra vocals to enhance his own and you have the recipe for the success of the Buddaheads. 

BB Chung King - a Blues Guitarist with a variety of vocal ranges. 
Boyd Lafan - a bass player of all bass players. 
Joe Pa Fume - a solid Drummer with in the pocket beats. 
The Buddaheads possess the talent to bring out the perpetual bass and beat. 

Every song on the 'Real' CD will end up being your favorite:
Real - great rocker, dynamite axe, spectacular tune.
Bye Bye Bye - solid bass and drum beats, cryin' and screamin' lead guitar, clean breaks.
Tied up - is an excellent dynamic blues tune. This is obviously felt in the heart and soul cause it sure flows out and in the heart and souls of the listeners.

Visit BB Chung King & the Buddaheads at: http://

BB Chung King & the Buddaheads CD's available at: http://
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