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Radio Airplay 101 - Payola (part 4 of 5), Comparison to Ads, PR, Merch, and Promotion...

Radio Airplay 101 - Payola (part 5 of 5), What You Can

Airplay 101...How Retail and Radio Work

'After Hours: A Tribute To The Music of Lou Reed' Indie Musicians Give Thanks To The Man and His Music...
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Sometimes, given some of the element that calls itself a "musician" that I meet in my daily trial and error of the Music industry, I compare it to the element I also met when I was a cop for a couple of years...
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To achieve success today it takes a great deal of talent, heartache, luck, belief, determination and a soup full of subtleties. Cream rises to the top...
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II BIG has a name that is befitting their sound. Their sound is very big and so are a few of their members...
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I am a serious movie fan, and so the other night I had a bizarre dream: I was catapulted into the opening scene of my own sequel of 'Mission: Impossible', and the mission...
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George Thorogood and The Destroyers have been pumping out blues-rock since the '70s. With a tried and tested.
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Alright you've wrote what you think are some great songs, spent your life's  savings  and your future inheritance getting a good recording. Now what are ya gonna do with it? Maybe you will be it here

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