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For the first issue of Southbound Beat, I thought I would try to get an interview with Jakson Spires of "Southern Rock Allstars." Jak called and we talked almost two hours about "old" Jacksonville, people we knew and guys we played with, at one time or another...Duane Roland

Solid Ground band is a powerhouse of outstanding musicians that play a four state area and destined for the World to see and hear. We were pleased when we got the opportunity of interviewing Solid Ground, we see the talent, expertise of the instrument and the love for their music that come from these three spectacular artists. Now that we know Solid Ground better, we are extremely excited to present them to you through this interview...
Solid Ground

When Ray Carver asked me to do an interview with Eve Selis, he said she had over a million plays on Selis

I met Tim through a couple of years ago and we have become good friends. Since they put some tunes in the Southern Rock genre I've seen them in the top 40 numerous times and we southern rockers are very grateful. Here is Tim Aker and Jester Jonze...Jester Jonze Band

If you want to hear some jam-up Rock and Roll, you gotta hear the "Necks". This is goooood Rock and Roll from a fine bunch of musicians. So here are the Redneck Role Models...Redneck Role Models

When I got my eagerly anticipated copy of Michael Buffalo Smith’s new CD, I figured that I was in for some good ole’ Southern Rock, seeing as how the Buff is from upstate South Carolina...
Michael Buffalo Smith

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