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CD Reviews  Litlwing The Wrath Of Litlwing
'The Wrath of Litlwing' was written by Sharon Witten a Southern Rock/Blues/Country Female Musician/Singer/Songwriter and Leonidas Chronopoulos a Producer/Composer/Musician/Writer . The Bonus tracks which are the last two on the cd, were written and produced by Leonidas Chronopoulos and believe me they do not display the true talents of Leonidas as a guitarist..but enough to make you want to hear more.

From the very second this cd started playing, I knew that this artist was fully packed with a vibrant, strong vocals.

Sharon is an accomplished recording artist in her own right. Hailing from Jackson, Tn, along with 'The Wrath of Litlwing' CD, she has also been featured in several magazines and websites. Known for her tremendous vocal range, this female guitar player has also been known to join the axe action with some of the finest pickers. 

** Southern Gyrls' Rebel Yell [country] - this has a highly energized Bonnie Raitt sound. 
** Unfair - this one is good thru and thru, the lead guitar action is terrific and Sharon shoots out those good ole country bluish vocal sounds. 
** Don't Let Him Fool You - this was my ultimate favorite, the beginning with the lead guitar just grabs the ole heart, and the vocals coming straight from the heart to your heart and soul. At the end the lead guitar just crys out....magnificent job.
** I Don't Believe - Sharon Witten really shows her vocal talents on this song, what a superb magnificent voice, will chill you to the bone. The range of levels are endless. This tune has a blues feel with country overtones..Trust me we are going to hear a lot more from this lil' lady. 
Turn it Off - beware this will cause a tear or have to hear this one...this is definitely a tune for all the females in the world. Spectacular!!
Southern Gyrls' Rebel Yell [rock] - Same as first one except this is the rocker version. And it really rocks. Listen for the killer ending.

Bonus Tracks: Leonidas Chronopoulos
** Dedicated to..... - a soft touch to the heart, this is definitely commercial, television, movie material.
** Sharon - this is a fast drivin' lead guitar action packed tune. Possibly written for Sharon Witten? If so, she should be proud. Leonidas is a magnificent player, certain parts has that Jimi Hendrix sound.

To Purchase 'The Wrath of Litlwing' CD visit the Litlwing website at: http://

Muzik Reviewz 05/2003
M. Rudy

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