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 Lou_Do Music Stephen Wrench Article  

Lou-Do Music 6805 US 1 South, St. Augustine, Fl. 32086
18 years management for tele 904-471-9384 or 904-377-4894 fax 904-797-1702 
Lynyrd Skynyrd 
Stephen Wrench Former Manager Of Lynyrd Skynyrd For 18 Years"

So You Want a Record Deal 

Alright you've wrote what you think are some great songs, spent your life's  savings  and your future inheritance getting a good recording. Now what are ya gonna do with it? Maybe you will be discovered. Maybe some record executive one has actually has the ability to cut you a deal will walk in one night while you are gigging and be blown away by your  music and sign you on the spot. Your chance of winning the lotto have better odds than that  happening. Well maybe if we get opening gigs for major groups we will be discovered. 

The concerts have promotors whom take a financial risk of putting on a concert hoping  to make  big buck. Well in essence that major group is working for the promotor, he hired em hes  paying them. The record execs won't be at the show, he's already heard the group. Alright that  idea shot.
Ok what do I do now to become famous? I could try sending our stuff into labels. So we start trying to get a hold of labels telling them we are the hottest thing since cream  cheese. They've heard it many times before, then the receptionist transfers you to a machine that gives you their policy for submissions. Forget it even if you do send it it will go in  the recycling bin or be targets at skeet shoots. Sorry ya gotta know someone, Ya gotta know  someone well. Or it will never be heard .    

Alright how do I find someone who can actually get us heard? OK we buy some guides we spend more money getting copies of CD's photos making a big slash to make us look great and spend more money sending hundreds out hoping a big management firm will hear us be blown away and invest in us and get us a deal. Chances of that happening are a little better than being discovered at a club. But most management firms that actually can get you heard already have major clients and aren't looking for anyone. And a lot of them say they have all this clout and really don't know
anyone of any importance and want to charge you a fee.

But there are ligitimate management firms out there and many ambitous young managers who have the drive and the ingenuity to get you heard. The problem is finding  them and being savy enough to weed thru the bullshit. There are alternatives to all this. A lot of Indie labels are springing up and being  quite successful. You already have created a business with your band, why not take it one
step further and be your own label? Its relatively easy to do. You find a distributor, there  are many in the US who will be happy to put your music in stores. What about airplay? A lot of college stations will play your music if they think its good they don't work on payola they only play your shit if they think its good. Airplay translates to people hearing you and if they like what they hear and see you on the record shelves they may  buy your CD. I will elaborate next issue on distribution and options and companies that will work with you. If you are wanting more info on distribution you may email me 
thru our website

Written by Stephen Wrench President of Lou-Do Music

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