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  Ma Ferguson  

Texas Rebel Well once again Texas has produced another spectacular bunch of Musicians and they are 'The Ma Ferguson Band'....... With some Lynyrd Skynyrd-Allman Brothers-ZZ Top-SRV under their belts, they are capable of holding their audiences through every single song, note, lick, keyboard and drum beat they vigorously put out. After one listen to any of their CD's, I am sure you will agree with me that not only do they play hard, but they sing hard and definitely write hard. This band comes into their music with 3 lead guitars, doing what they do best and thats making those axes scream til guitarist says to stop, which gives all lead guitars that dripping wet sound, and what really makes this band stand out is during all this lead guitar screamin' action they never once get in each others way. True musician professionals. Remarkable talent. When Ma Ferguson comes your way, by all means go to their shows, they pack their shows with the Ultimate dynamic presence on stage, they are definitely Class 1 Showman, the interaction with each other is a sight that you as a audience will never forget........and if you can't make a show, then go and buy the CD, close your eyes and jump that Ma Ferguson Southern Rock Train that will take you for a ride that will blow your mind. The band gave themselves the name of 'Ma Ferguson' after the first woman Governor of the state of Texas, Miriam M.A. Ferguson. How proud she must be. The superb musicians of this top class Southern Rock Band of Austin, Texas are: ** Jay D. Chaffe - Lead vocals/lead and bottleneck slide guitar. ** Ken Blum - Lead and bottleneck slide guitar/harp. ** Paul Deitz - Lead guitar. ** Tom Gideon - Bass guitar ** Mike Wolfrom - Keyboards/Lead vocals [Backup Vocals contributed by: Ken Blum/Paul Deitz/Tom Gideon/Mike Wolfrom] This 4-song CD is packed with some good ole Southern Rock: Saints and Sinners - Rated #2 by Record Exec. (#2 out of 300 entries - not too shabby guys) Good Clean Fun - [written by Allman Bros.] never the less is pretty well packed with some hard playing instruments... Southern Ladies - excellent songwriting, instruments, vocals. That Smell - [written by Lynyrd Skynyrd] guitar action on this song is totally awesome, Hotter than hot! The Ma Ferguson Band is too hot, too talented to stay in Texas, this group has what it takes to tour this entire world to share their talents with the rest of the world. Visit The Ma Ferguson Band Website at: Check The Ma Ferguson Band out at: To Purchase Ma Ferguson CD's and/or T-Shirts go to: The Ma Ferguson Store Muzik Reviewz 05/2003 M. Rudy Contact Muzik Reviewz to get your CD reviewed:  


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