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  Kenny Love  

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HOUSTON, Texas - - April 28, 2003 - - Houston-based MoJamz Records is slated to release a series of compilation records with a "new twist" that will help revolutionize the music industry for independent artists. This "new twist" is the act of paying the artists a royalty who participate on the promotional compilations.

Jerry Tabor, a representative of the company says, "As is common knowledge, most compilation releases are simply promotional tools to get multiple artists exposure on a wider level simultaneously, and at a significantly smaller cost than what the artists can do alone, both financially and physically.  And, most artists are extremely happy with just the promotional end of it, and receiving a certain number of copies of the recording in exchange for their submissions," says Tabor.

"But, rarely, if ever, are these artists paid royalties for their participation on these types of recordings.  And, we believe that our doing so will set a new standard that will not only be welcomed by the independent artist community as a whole, but will also dramatically serve to increase the level of financial compensation that artists rightly deserve."

MoJamz Records is currently arranging to release compilation recordings in the following genres; Urban, Hip Hop, Rap, Country, Rock, Jazz, Gospel, Blues and Dance/Electronica.  The fees for artists to participate in these compilation recordings are only a fraction of what it costs them to individually promote their recordings, hire a radio promoter or media publicist, yet, will result in
far greater and overall media exposure.

Just a few promotional perks include:

Releases are submitted to 500 top night club deejays (many of whom also have local radio mix shows), who are receptive to receiving independent music, *guarantee* to play it and report its club and radio response to the label with documented proof.

Releases are also submitted to 250 top reporting college radio stations that are also receptive to independent music and play a variety of music styles.

Releases are submitted to, at least, 50 top print music publications.

Each participating artist will earn an ongoing royalty on *EACH* sale of the compilation recording that will be marketed, promoted, advertised, sold and distributed worldwide, both online and offline.

Artist web sites will also be listed in the liner notes of this worldwide CD release, which will spur even greater sales for their own full-length recordings.

"One of the best things about our label's decision to take this approach," adds Tabor, "is that this process further supports the mergence of artist and fan.  A perfect example, for instance, is that when a track is played in a night club, the club goer who likes the track will, naturally, ask the deejay who the artist is.  After learning the name of the artist, the club fan will immediately seek out the full-length CD of the artist at her area record store or attempt to purchase the recording online at a site such as CD," says Tabor.

Artists interested in significantly reducing their promotion costs while, at the same time, reaching a much greater audience with their music for only a fraction of the normal costs should review more information at:

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