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Live at Concerts at the Courthouse, Riverside, California

CD Review by Pat Benny

There is nothing like a live album.  Nothing catches the spirit of a band more than a live performance; and if the sound engineers are competent, a live CD can capture the true essence of a good band. 

  The gods were definitely smiling on Peach and her band that day in Riverside, California when she took the stage for this performance.  PEACH LIVE! Recorded on the Blues Rock label, is a sweet, albeit somewhat short glimpse of another one of the many talented contemporary ladies of the blues.  Working up the crowd with her incredibly polished band consisting of: Joey Delgado on guitar, Paulie Cerra on sax and vocals and Hardy Eason on keyboards.  Eric T. Woods on bass and Maria Martinez on drums complete the lineup. 

  The saxophone and keyboard give the music a citified, sophisticated sound, which leave plenty of room for Joey Delgado to stretch out on his guitar solos.  Degado’s style is fluid, with a tight control that is unlike the “guitarslingers” such as BB Chung King and Walter Trout, but more like the smooth blues of someone like Duke Robilard.  The result is some gorgeous guitar solos.

  To pick a favorite tune on this CD would be difficult, but Peach’s rendition of her own composition of “Dance with Me Henry” is a sweet, poignant moment that defies description.  Suffice to say that Peach’s high sweet vocals and her skillful treatment of her tender lyrics make it one to remember.

  “Muddy Water,” the first track on this disc is an example of good ‘ol mellow blues.  Hardy Eason’s organ really paves the way for a rousing sax solo by Paulie Cerra.  This song just rolls and rolls…

  The last tune on the disc, “I Can’t Stand the Rain,” is a classic number that Peach turns into her own.  Her flawless vocals turn this song into a stunning, almost eerie version of this old tune.

  Great band, great recording, and a beautiful, charming woman to sing the blues.  My only regret is that I missed the encore.  Peach is on the Internet and can be found at:

        --Pat Benny


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