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Interviews  Redneck Role Models  by John Lanham
If you want to hear some jam-up Rock and Roll, you gotta hear the "Necks". This is goooood Rock and Roll from a fine bunch of Musicians. So here are the Redneck Role Models.

(SBM) What a great name. How did you get started?
(RRM)  "da necks" as only we are allowed to call them started because myself  and some like minded individualistic midwestern troubadours who seperately needed to escape their shackels of caucasoid suburban isolation found themselves in Los Angeles and just as unable to fit in to the current notions of what a musician should look and sound like as when they took off to the new world in search of riches and freedom, agreed to just play what we want to for beer at the
local mini mall waterin hole and laundry mat.
SBM) Its a great name, man.
(RRM) The name of the band is an attempt to entertain while at the same time requiring from the consumer a little effort to either understand themselves or the world we live in, hopefully on a level that could possibly make them uncomfortable enough to confront some substantial issues. The reason for all that is because I think people have a responsibility to try.  We are havin' a great
time playin music. We took a trip to New York city and played some gigs and hung out and learned so much just like we do every time we meet new people and see new things. Its all about opening your mind and expanding your experiences any way you can. The bottom line is we're just average Americans doin the best we can. so on behalf of the redneck rolemodels I'd like to thank you for this chance to chat and I hope you will check out our music cause that's the only thing we're any good at.
(SBM) What would you like to say to the readers.
(RRM) We have a website you can click a link to hear our first record on mp3 for FREE or you can buy some neck merchandise or the record on our site. Oh, by the way, our second record is almost finished , "State of Grace"  we're pretty happy with it. Should be done in a month or two. You can also check for new shows coming up or just drop us a
line tell us what you really think !
p.s.  "show me your neck"                           
    You can also find the Redneck Role Models at
Thanks for the interview guys. John Lanham for SBM.                


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