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CD Reviews  Rudy T Love At Last

Rudy T's new CD 'Love at Last' obviously came from the heart and soul of this dynamic guitar slinger. Rudy T has mastered the art of playing the Stratocaster guitar that he totes all over. This artist has the unique capabilities to write songs and then pour his music into it by NOT just playing the guitar, but by pushing the guitar to its limit, but WAIT, he's not done - theres just a little more to reach. And then Rudy T comes in with the vocals, his vocals are low, sweet and sultry.

This cd is definitely for lovers, Rudy T has outdone himself on this one.
'Come Love Me' is a very sweet love song.
'Cold Summer Night' is for all you blues lovers, full of bluesy-sensual-sultry vocals and guitar action that will fill your inner soul. 
The title track for this cd, 'Love at Last' is a Jivey bouncy tune with the usual kick of Rudy T's 'strat' (they don't call him the 'Master of the Stratocaster' for nothing), Rudy T gets all over this one. Takes you straight up like a rocket and out the end of this song. Right on Rudy T!!
'Goin' Back to Chicago' is the all time favorite and often requested song at the clubs.
Dedicated to all Rudy T's blues fans is 'Boogieman Blues', in this tune you can tell what this Guitar Slingin Bluesman does best-He plays his strat with such intense, that you wonder whos playing who, Is the strat playing Rudy T or is Rudy T playing the strat? 
In the 'Story of Love' the guitar action is endless and hot.
'Hard Time Livin' without You' is the all time favorite of Rudy T this tune has become his signature song. He gets pretty wild n' crazy on this one.

'Love at Last' was engineered at Rhapsody Productions in Palm Springs-California. CD jacket designed by STM designing.

Way too hard to pick our favorite songs, so why don't you cruise on over to MP3 and pick your own favorite songs by jumping on the Rudy T Rocket.

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Muzik Reviewz 05/2003
M. Rudy

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