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CD Reviews  Too Old Too Rock  Too Dumb Too Quit

By looking at the cover of Too Old Too Rock's "Too Dumb Too Quit" I thought 'WOW, these guys have been rockin for a long time. Anyone would come to that conclusion being that the cover of Too Old Too Rock's "Too Dumb Too Quit" CD is a picture of two old guys, one with a banjo and one with a guitar, and on top of that it gives the impression they are "rocking out" while resting on a wooden bench with their feet on a milk crate in a parklike setting. But, I reminded myself that it's not good to judge a CD by its cover (or its song titles).

The "Too Dumb Too Quit" CD is 100% guitar-based instrumentals - just my kind of thing. "Too Dumb Too Quit" will fit in to what ever your style of music-likes are and definitely what ever your mood is. The talent of Jim Reindel and Chris Hattingh as guitarists shines like a bright star when it comes to tempos, styles, and moods on this entire cd. 

I recommend that you check out Too Old Too Rock's "Too Dumb Too Quit" CD for yourself. This CD was a independent release, the quality of the recording is of the utmost professional and phenomenal. Here are some of my outtakes:
"Shuffleboard Champs" - this tune is filled with uncontrolled energy. 
"Arthritic Shredfest" - has those Vai-Van Halen sounds, only in turbo style.
"Dance Of The Coffin Dodgers" and "Second Mortgage Blues" - have mellow sounds that you would think it was Joe Satriani, Surprise! 
"Pass The Geritol" - pays homage to the guitar greats that has influenced hundreds and hundreds of guitar slingers. 
"Senior Citizen Boogie" - the bluesy Eric Johnson can be heard on this hot lil' tune.
At the end of these twelve tracks of guitar instrumentals you'll be impressed and believe me that's a good way to feel at the end of an instrumental CD.

The Dyn-o-mite Duo of 'Too Old Too Rock' is:
Jim Reindel - acoustic/electric guitars 
Chris Hattingh - acoustic & electric guitars/bass/drums.

To Hear and Purchase 'Too Old Too Rock' CD's visit them at: http://
CD's also available at:

To Order your CD's direct from Too Old Too Rock, contact them at:
Chris @ TGIF Productions...321-259-3449
Address: TGIF Productions, 2439 Central Park Drive, Melbourne, FL 32935

Muzik Reviewz 05/2003
M. Rudy

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