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Abel Josephson - Helicopters over Hollywood CD

Helicopters Over BroadwayThis CD takes an idea that has been done before, but rarely this well – having a singer/songwriter perform with his own rock band. With Josephson on electric guitar and a band of lead guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards (and extra contributions by producer David Carey), he has created a power pop sound that is a good setting for his original compositions.
The first song, “Always Come Back,” is an example. The lyrics are: “There are songs so sad their pretty [Josephson could use a proofreader for his CD sleeve]/There are songs never heard/What a pity what a shame/But I’ve put out some of the same.” That would sound a bit stilted if it was backed by just an acoustic guitar, but with a Springsteen-like built-up arrangement, it fits right in.
Josephson points out that he is originally form Texas, but there is not much Southern sound on this CD, especially no Southern rock. It sounds very Californian, with an upbeat, sunny spirit, with even an undertone in a thoughtful ballad like “Weeping Willow”.
Josephson now lives in California. With his sound and movie star looks, he might well be on the way to becoming a star.


- Dave Howell