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CD- 'Mistaken


CD- 'Mistaken'

Melodic hair metal is alive and well in Amsterdam. Not the European city. Well, maybe there too, but in this case I mean the band that has toured with Ratt.
Apparently Amsterdam has gone through personnel changes. For example, there are four different drummers on the nine studio tracks. There are even different lead guitarists. The sound is pretty even on this 2004 release, however, with Ronnie Borchert handling all of the vocals and much of the guitar work.
There are a few ballads here, the most curious being a cover of “Everything I Own” by Bread (why?). But mostly Amsterdam keeps rocking.
That’s especially true on the four live tracks, although the sound is not quite as good. There is tons of energy in Amsterdam’s classic sound, where men are men singing about their women, and the power chords ring out loud and true. And that’s no mistake.
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- Dave Howell