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CD – 'The Beginning'


P. Busboom
CD – 'The Beginning'

German born Peter Busboom describes his music as a combination of ambient, electronica, and trip-hop. Ambience is the strongest of the three influences on this CD. Although it includes electric guitar, everything is well blended and flows very smoothly. There is enough going on in the layered music, though, that listeners will not get “ambient burnout”, or lose interest because everything is too repetitious.
There is a bit of electric guitar on the title track, although that stops before the track is half over. “Rainmode” is quieter, starting with a sample that sounds like an electronic raindrop. This is overlayed by a repeating synthesizer sample. Later in this track there are some blips and bleeps added.
“Awosting” is the longest of the six tracks at 9:18. It begins with a subdued guitar or keyboard (it is hard to tell which). There are also noises that sound like crickets or bees. Then a tabla comes in, along with drawn out electronic sounds. Some soft keyboard and electric guitar playing comes in towards the end.
“The Victim of the Crow” is faster, beginning with a repeated keyboard sample that is joined by “spacey” guitar work. This track is more prog rock than ambient, sounding like a “Hearts of Space” selection.
Non-musical electronic sounds mix with shimmering keyboard notes to begin “Yellow Fin”, which meld into slow guitar playing and then more dramatic keyboard work that has a mysterious sound. The seven-minute track builds up in dramatic effect without ever becoming edgy.
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- Dave Howell