CD Reviews CALIBRE 12 CD 'Dernière Salve'  

CALIBRE 12 CD - 'Dernière Salve'

Drivetrain( )

Musiciens : John Molet, Lead Vocal, Lead Guitar, Laurent Montero, Bass Guitar, Jean-Marie Coron, Lead and Slide Guitar

Titres :
1 Pas de leçons à retenir.
2 Vie de ‘’looser !.
3 Celui qui dit adieu.
4 Comment tu peux faire ?
5 Dans le dos.
6 Roule, roule, roule !.
7 Tu peux leurs faire savoir
8 Arrête le la mater.
9 De quel droit.
10 Dernière Salve ( instrumental)

Here’s Calibre 12 third album, without the compilation « A L’Ouest Rien de Nouveau… Enfin Presque ! » So we can see that Calibre 12 is getting better and better. We can enjoy, from the beginning, the quality of the production, and a good rhythmic section with the new drummer that plays lighter and less heavier. The great guitars parts show us what is a good Southern Rock band, what is classical southern music, proud, faithful, without extra musical ornaments. There are nine songs, all sung in French, and we can enjoy John’s voice, for instance on “Tu Peux Leur Faire Savoir”, a great song about true life. There are also two real boogies in a Wishbone Ash way, “Comment tu peux faire” and “Arrête de la mater”, the real southern songs “Vie de Looser”, “Dans le Dos” and “Roule, Roule, Roule”, the Outlaws influence on “Celui qui dit Adieu”, and a great slide guitar on “De quel Droit”, a tribute to the 2001 11th September attacks victims. We get a nice and moving instrumental song at the end, looking like Dickey Betts best songs.
This album is really for the 38 Special, Molly Hakchet, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ghost Riders’ Outlaws die-hard fans. A such a quality European Southern Rock album, maybe we have to come back to Street Survivors’ “Southern Rock will never Die” to find it.
So guys, don’t let us on this last album, this cannot be your last shot (dernière salve) !!!
Jacques Dersigny