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Daize Shayne
CD – Live Your Dreams

Daize Shayne is a surfer and model who has dipped into pop music. She plays it pretty safe, as might be expected, sticking to radio-friendly material. Still, there is a lot of energy and a harder edge then might be expected (except for a limpid cover of Bread’s “Everything I Own”).
Tracks like “Naughty Girl” have a classic rock sound with excellent production, even including a solid electric guitar solo. She also has a pretty good voice.
The band makes a big difference. Her backing musicans on guitar, bass, drums, and keys, have individually worked with Alanis Morrisette, Sophie B. Hawkins, and Glenn Hughes.
If only she was not the featured act at a Phoenix concert for George W. Bush, she might be perfect.
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- Dave Howell


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