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Entow Nation CD - Set Up and Play

DrivetrainEntow Nation is a rock band from Austin, Texas. Their web site calls them blues based, but they fall more in the genre of classic Southern rock. Dizzy Gillespie wrote or co-wrote all of the CD’s nine songs. The exception is Phil Lynott’s “Blues Singer” (which is not a blues song).
Some of the songs are ballads, like “More Than You Need”,” Thunder”, and “Movin’ On”. “Boomerang” is old-fashioned rock and roll. The first song, “33 to 19”, has a grunge influence.
The band is at its best on songs like “J.C.’s Blues” that begins with a combination of acoustic and electric guitar. It is hard to classify, but this melodic track shows off Gillespie’s strong voice.
The biggest component of their sound is the guitar work of Gillespie and Jimi Bedsole. Bedsole plays blues-based leads, while Gillespie plays rhythm that is well defined in the mix.
There are many guest stars here, including Mark Andes of Spirit and Heart, and Lance Keltner. There are three keyboards players, including one that plays on all the tracks, but they are not very audible.
A good CD for those who like the classic rock sound.
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- Dave Howell