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CD – 'Fortune Teller'


Ghost Riders
CD – 'Fortune Teller'

Long haired dudes on the cover, a CD that starts with the boogie “Gone South” that talks about “collard greens and black eyed peas” – yes, there’s Southern rock coming ‘round the bend. And these guys, who share years of experience with many bands, know how to ride.
There are both rock ballads like “Roots” and plain out rockers like “G.R.I.T.S.”. The latter is a paean to “girls raised in the South,” preferably in a “short cotton dress.” Barry Rapp on keyboards gives the group a Skynyrd vibe, while the combination of Steve Grisham and Jimmy Bennett on guitars shows that these guys know how to rock, with a healthy dose of slide and rhythm guitar.
Bennett is a fine slide player, and he is given a clean sound by the production done by the band. The production gives the group a lot of volume without making the guitars irritating and piercing at the high end.
Everyone except drummer Pug Baker shares the vocals, including bassist Phil Stokes. And all are good, which lets the band perform a variety of songs. They also share writing duties. All but one of the twelve songs is by band members, the exception being a cover of “There Goes Another Love Song”.
If you like Southern rock, this is a train that you want to ride.
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- Dave Howell