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CD – 'Falling For Bad Girls


CD – 'Falling For Bad Girls'

On their second full-length release, Jacaranda has created a classic of insanity. It is fitting that they cover the band Madness on the second track here, “Our House”.
They begin with “My Parents Garage,” a garage rock classic even without its subject matter. Lines like “I’m not taking orders/Work blows dogs for quarters” are funny while having dark overtones.
“Wonder Woman”, an ode to the comic book character, is a tasty bit of funk that includes “Big Gay Lou” Reyes on sax. There are many guest horns on various tracks and many have a full horn section, adding a rich sound. The four band members play a variety of instruments. Keyboards are as prevalent as guitars.
“Eggplant Girl” asks the subject “Don’t turn into an eggplant/Stay my passion fruit girl.” It begins as a beautiful, spacey tune that turns into horn based jazz-rock, something that you would not expect from the lyrics. Jacaranda is a band good for surprises.
Through the CD there are versions of a song called “Revolution”, which features a harpsichord sound and the lyrics that include “I couldn’t stop thinking about the French Revolution”.
“Lovers in Space” describes a romance using science fiction images. “Lovin’ A Girl From Venus” continues the theme. The subject matter of “Smokin’ Doobs” can be figured out from the title. “Baby, Will You Still Put Out?” is a country ditty that warps the theme of the Beatles’s “When I’m Sixty Four”.
“Circle of Confusion” is a serious track describing disgust about the political system. The funniest song may be “Doin’ It For Beads”, a satirical look at a venerated Mardi Gras custom.
This is an enhanced CD. When you play it in a PC, you can read the lyrics (they are on the CD sleeve, also), and it has links that let you E-mail the band or go to their record company’s website.
A great CD, recommended for its variety, humor, and well-integrated jazz and funk influences.
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- Dave Howell