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Juliet Turner
CD Season of the Hurricane

Juliet Turner is heading right into the mainstream with this collection that mixes her songs with a top-notch band of guitar, keyboards, bass, and drums. There are many influences here, including rock, Country, folk, jazz, and even touches of electronica.
A number of these are love songs, but most have unusual lyrics, for example, “The Signal and the Noise”: “And we are quietly resistant to the threat of nonexistence/And we can think without assistance from the top.” You might expect this from a CD that reprints a poem by Hermann Hesse on the sleeve.
Turner is based in pop. The title track might be the best representation of what she can do. It is an unadorned song with thoughtful lyrics. It fits in with the contemporary work of other women singer/songwriters: “I came here unsuspecting of the land that lay in wait/I came here with wild dogs at my heels.”
There is one cover among the sixteen tracks, an easygoing version of Nancy Sinatra’s “Sugartown”.
Turner’s pleasant voice and songwriting could make her a name in the pop world very soon.
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- Dave Howell

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