CD Reviews Stella Black : CD - 'The Songwriter' 

Stella Black: CD - 'The Songwriter'

Stella BlackStella Black is in the center of the road with these nine songs that she wrote. “Ain’t Been No Trash In This Trailer Since You Been Gone” has the contemporary sensibility of the modern Country woman, as Black declares her happiness at ridding herself of her no-good mate.
“Toss of the Dice” gets down and dirty, describing a daddy who was a drunk and a momma who…well, she declares, “God knows who my real daddy was.”
Others are more traditional. “I Forgot My Name” has a pedal steel guitar and an old-style piano in the background as Black sings of her devotion to a marriage gone wrong. “Please Tell Me the Meaning of Love” is a Latin-flavored number that you might expect to hear in a cantina as Senorita Black sings of trying to discern the difference between passion and love. “My Father’s Eyes” is a straightforward track aimed toward the Christian market.
One criticism: Black has a solid band backing her, but she does not give any credits on the CD sleeve.
What all the songs share are Black’s clear, powerful voice that seems well set to handle all types of songs, whether they are ballads or more pop/County/rock oriented. County fans who have tired of manufactured “women’s” songs actually written by men will welcome this newcomer who speaks authentically from the heart.
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- Dave Howell