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The Breakfast - CD Real Radio

Supernova“Real Radio” may fool listeners who think of the Breakfast as a jam band. The eleven tracks here are not especially long. What is even more surprising for a jam band, there are a lot of lyrics and more vocals than instrumental breaks.
From looking at the cover, with its picture of an old radio in the foreground and the band in a faded picture in the back, you might think that this is a garage or pop band. On the back cover, the guys are all wearing white shirts and red ties, like a seventies new wave band. It seems as this CD was designed to present their singing and songwriting talents.
The songs are not bad. The vocals are shared by three of the four band members, guitarist Tim Palmieri, bassist Ron Spears, and keyboardist Jordan Giangreco. The vibe is generally mellow. Although the lyrics are complex, they are not dark. For example, these from “Fairy”: “Singapore fairy/sprinkle your dust/it tickles my senses/with lots of lust.”
There is an easygoing feel to the songs, even though Adrian Tramontano keeps a heavy four four rhythm on the drums. Although it is rock based, you can hear bits of Country and jazz. All in all, the optimism on this CD should appeal to jam fans that are willing to check out shorter but well written songs.

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- Dave Howell