CD Reviews The Towels CD - 'American Beans' 

The Towels CD - 'American Beans'

Toni BrownIt’s time to throw in the Towels. Not give up – just put the group into your CD player. The Towels are Leusley Aschbudt and Noral Squizz on vocals and guitars, and Dennis Davis on bass. With the help of guests on guitar, percussion, and keyboards, they put out melodic and quirky guitar-based rock/pop.
An example of the offbeat lyrics are these, from the first verse of the first song, “Once Again”: “It’s the mood you breathe in/Did you feel it just then?/The heads crack in the center/To open up and spill out the thoughts.”
“Thinking of You” is reggae influenced, but it is hard to describe most of the other tracks. There are traces of George Harrison, sixties rock, and psychedelia. Most of the songs are love songs, but with titles like “Werewolf Moon,” it is difficult to see how appealing these guys might be to the opposite sex. But they are true originals, something hard to find nowadays.
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- Dave Howell