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Zilla - CD ' Zilla'

ZillaDo you want to hear instrumental music that features a hammered dulcimer and kalimba? Yes, if it is done by Zilla. Zilla mixes World, jam, and rock music together in a mix that is wonderful to hear.
Actually, with the statement at the top of the CD sleeve that guarantees “100% live, 100% improvised”, jamming is the key here. This is the type of CD that you want to sit back and relax to on a summer day. Not that Zilla lulls you with predictability. Since these are jams, the music takes twists and turns that you don’t expect.
But there is no harshness here. Instead, Zilla carries you along on music that constantly opens up new paths for you. Jamie Janover is the factor that makes the music so unusual. The hammered dulcimer is a beautiful instrument that, as far as I know, as never been used before in jam music.
Steve Vidaic on keyboards is not always present, but when he is he adds a wonderful “space vibe”, using effects and not playing piano at all. Aaron Holstein has a unique position in jam music by doubling on guitar and bass. Michael Travis, also of the String Cheese Incident, plays both drums and a variety of percussion.

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- Dave Howell