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Tribal Tongue

Tribal Tongue
“One More Shot”

Jokomo Joe Monroe: Lead vocals, bass guitar, rhythm guitar,
Bryce Barns: Bass guitar, rhythm guitar percussion, backing vocals
Gary “Crankshaft” Renshaw: Percussion, drums, backing vocals
Tag Graves : Lead guitar, acoustic guitar, and backing vocals
Other musicians mentioned on this album were
Rob Robinson: Piano, organ, and percussion
Ovid Stevens: Slide guitar, and harper harmonica

These guys from Fort Myers Beach Fl. Sure does take me back to a time when music took talent to play. A time when guitars riffs and drums together with vocals harmonized. It is so nice to hear that being played this day and age. Let me add that Tribal Tongue is great at it! While browsing through their website at I noticed that they keep themselves busy touring. Also letting their fans know the latest news with the band.
I think it was Peter Frampton who called it “The Golden Throat” referring to the talk box he used in “Do You Feel Like I Do” Tribal Tongue used that “Golden Throat” on the song “I Ain’t Gonna Tell You No More”. Nice Job! Enjoyed this CD


Reviewed By Ms. Rebyll


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