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CD Review Moonshine Mountain Boys MMB
Bootlick Records

If you didn’t know better you’d say this was Poison takin’ a piss. Singer Scotty “Boy” McCoy is a deadringer for Poison frontman Bret Michaels - gone country. Check out his vocal delivery on the whiskey-soaked ballad “Lonesome Whistle” – right up there with “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”. It even gets closer in the guitar-driven “Tired”. With their varied background the MMB bring a healthy dose of Rock, Country and Folk to blend a unique form of southern rock.

The first two tracks are straight off the bar room floor. Adapting a steady appreciation for Travis Tritt’s light hearted humor “Better By The Beer” not only embraces America’s pastime but lights it on fire with PJ Jacques six-string solo. “Double Shot” paints the band’s history in no uncertain terms boasting the lyrics “I’m a double shot of country and chaser full of rock ‘n roll.”

Rhythm section Tommy Dean (bass) and Gary Patterson (drums) find an easy groove pumping out a blues-based bottom line that supports the band’s swing from the metal version of Tennessee Ernie Fords “Sixteen Tons” to the 38 Special-like “Fallen”. More Outlaws than Molly Hatchet, the Moonshine Mountain Boys stay close to their country/gospel roots with twin-guitar harmonies and songs baked for freshness. Stick around for the last track “Carolina Blue” which plays out like a Chis Isaak tune - a real beauty.


-Tod Smith,