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CD Review Michael "Buffalo" Smith Southern Lights


Michael “Buffalo” Smith 
CD – ‘Southern Lights’ 






Michael Smith is not trying to buffalo you on this disk. The Country singer/songwriter has produced a CD with uplifting songs and deep, resounding vocals. 
A band called the Crawlers and other musicians back up Smith with a pleasing mixture of rock and Country. A combination of electric, slide, and acoustic guitars and keyboards, along with bass and drums, are expertly layered and mixed here.
“Into the Light” features some incredible slide work. On “I Don’t Want to Say Goodbye,” Smith shares vocals with Bonnie Bramlett. “Hooker’s Boogie,” not written by Smith, borrows from John Lee, but that is forgivable since it is a tribute to him. And this is the first time I can remember hearing a dobro used with Hooker’s riffs.
“Mad Dog” is nicely done mid-tempo boogie rock. “Ride on My Friend” and “Gemini Soul,” recall the mellower songs of the Marshall Tucker Band and the Allman Brothers. The latter even sounds a bit like Santana. “Buddha in the Swimming Pool” is a novelty tune, but it has a good beat with a compelling hook. 
Smith is also the editor of GRITZ: The Magazine of Southern Music (www.gritz.net). He certainly knows his music, and his musicians, as he proves here.
Web site at http://www.michaelbuffalosmith.com .

- Dave Howell