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CD Review The Savory Truffle Roadhouse Boogie


The Savory Truffle 
Roadhouse Boogie
Big Stone 




Roadhouse Boogie features gritty, often fast paced guitar and soulful vocals, creating a quirky album that seamlessly blends the blues and classic rock. Out in the Rain and Lowdown Blues are two snappy, infectious tracks, while Until You Can Feel It gives the listener a slower, more sensual sound. Throughout the album, Monji Kadowaki’s vocals are truly outstanding—deep and powerful and filled with the ache of blues. 

The Savory Truffle shines the brightest when they roll out the dirty, edgy guitar, which they do in two of the album’s best tracks: Chevrolet and Bring You Down, supplying Roadhouse Boogie’s strongest moments. 

One of The Savory Truffle’s biggest assets is their unique and vibrant energy. The vigor behind these songs swallows the listener whole, drawing them into the bluesy, soulful world of Roadhouse Boogie. 


-Laura van den Berg,