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Interview Dru Lombar of Grinderswitch Band

Dru Lombar of Grinderswitch Band


John: First of all I would like to thank you for coming out to the MTB show at the Spirit of the Suwannee, it was good to see you and jamming with us made my night, not to mention the crowd.

John: When we last talked, you were in the process of putting "Grinderswitch" back together. How was your tour with Bonnie Bramlett?

Dru: The Bonnie tour never got off the ground,It sure was fun trying to
put it together.I think we were too rockin for the approach
she was taking.

John: What's happening with "Grinderswitch" at the moment?

Dru: GS is holding togetherand really becoming a tight unit.Sure wish we could do more gigs.The more you play together the more together you get.

John: Have you got a tour planned for the near future?

Dru: We are working hard on finishing a new CD.maybe if I hold up a few
7-11s I can get it finished and out.

John: You seemed to enjoy yourself seeing some old friends at the Marshall Tucker show, do you get to see them as often as you like?

Dru: I am really making an effort to reconnect with all the players I toured with during the 70's.you know ,trying to find theold vibe that
was Southern music.

John: .If people want to find out about Dru Lombar and "Grinderswitch", where can they go for information?

Dru: Check out www.grinderswitch.com  for the full storyand dates and how
to buy CDs.

John: Well Dru, feel free to take the forum, any thing you would like to say.

Let me hop up on my soapbox,I really think a large percentage of people
are fed up with the music (OR LACK OF)being shoved down their throats like a Mcdonald cheeseburger.Its time for real music made by real people.
American Idol, give me a break !!

Thank you my friend...John Lanham


Grinderswitch to release cd in Europe on Halycon/Sony Music Soon. http://www.halycon.de