Although my time with Vince Joy was short, the time spent without him will be full of fond memories. Vince was a true professional, in every sense of the word.

As a guitarist, he was a tone monster. His style of playing was his signature, never to be duplicated. He knew just how to lay down a solo without cluttering it with needless embellishments. He also knew just how far back to stand with whomever he shared the stage. Vince never stole anyone's thunder, he enhanced it.

As a person, Vince treated me as if he'd known me all of his life. He was never impatient; always happy to answer my questions about music, whether it was about his playing, the acoustics of the room, or anything, in general. As long as I didn't interrupt his smoke break, he gave me his full attention.

Whenever I discuss great guitarists, Vince Joy's name will always come up. Whenever I listen to his recordings, I will always remember him as a great musician, and a great man.

I will always be proud to say that I knew Vince Joy.

Pat Benny,
Southbound Beat Magazine

Zola Moon

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