B.B. King on Stevie Ray Vaughan: The ideas continuously flowed through Stevie. I don’t have that, and not many people do. But Stevie had it, in a way that reminded me of Charlie Parker or Charlie Christian. Most of us play maybe twelve original bars when we solo, then it’s all repeats, but not with him. The more he played, the better he’d get. And his execution was flawless, but no matter how fast he played, he never lost that feel. I would say you could feel his soul in his playing. I know I did. His guitar was his means of speech, and he spoke beautifully. – from Texas Flood: The Inside Story of Stevie Ray Vaughan Book by Alan Paul and Andy Aledort Jimmie Vaughn and Stevie Ray Vaughn with guitars sitting on couch at Jimmie’s home in South Austin, Texas, 1984. Photo © Jeff Rowe, Scott Van Osdol